Credited with well over 100 titles and the recipient of countless awards we never compromise on quality, approaching all productions with equal enthusiasm. From Blockbuster feature films to your first student production,  we have been there.

Always bringing a deep appreciation for storytelling to our performance and recordings we also place a big emphasis on the editorial side of foley. This ensures our tracks are frame accurate and balanced to blend seamlessly into any mix, making us the go to team for many re-recording mixers and supervising sound editors both locally and abroad.

Our consistency and attention to detail is paramount and the team is always primed to deliver a premium foley track on time and on budget.



Beginning his career at Studios 301 and then Soundfirm, Blair has worked both in Australia and the UK as a foley supervisor, recordist, editor and artist during a career spanning almost 20 years.

Founder of Longstocking Studios, Blair heads up a dedicated team of leading foley walkers, mixers and editors and is hands on with every production at Longstocking.

Having worked on many notable releases (IMDb) Blair’s experience and professionalism is finely honed.